Community management

Social media community management is the process of engaging audiences across social media networks to increase brand loyalty and grow authentic connections. This function oversees the one-to-one or one-to-few interactions that strengthen relationships and promote brand advocacy.Social media community management is the process of building and maintaining a brand’s audience on social media. Community managers engage with audiences through social media, Discord, Slack, and in-person meet-ups. They listen to their audience, respond to them, and create conversation opportunities.

Community managers maintain the brand’s voice in all posts and interactions. They ensure that all content being shared has a purpose and meets the expectations and needs of followers and the target audience. They also schedule, post, and engage on all social content.
Community managers are responsible for keeping their brand’s social media profiles clean. They delete spam comments, untag the brand from unrelated content, and flag abusive speech. They also collect and analyze feedback.
Community managers act as an average user to encourage audience engagement and provide support. They humanize the brand and deal with its interaction with its audiences on social channels.